PC: Ellie Patterson

PC: Ellie Patterson

About Steve

Steve Ettinger travels around the US (and sometimes other places) taking pictures and videos of things.   Since 2015 Steve has driven from one side of the United States to the other seven times, plus lots of road trips in between.

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Steve's specialities include yoga, fitness, and travel photography and video... but he also really likes taking pictures of dogs.


Steve is also a nationally recognized "kids fitness expert" and children's book author.  His first book Wallie Exercises (Active Spud Press), earned a bunch of awards and as People.com put it, "encourages kids to break a sweat- in the cutest way possible." 

During his road trips, Steve visits elementary schools to kids, teachers, and parents about the importance of exercise, mindfullness, and creative exploration.  To date he has visited about 200 schools and talked to over 100,000 students.

For speaking inquiries visit: www.SteveEttinger.com or email steve@activespud.com