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Steve Ettinger is freelance writer and accomplished storyteller. In 2017, after spending nearly a decade in NYC, he decided to "take his talents to Nashville, where among other things, he has continued to compare himself to LeBron James.

Steve has been trusted by companies ranging from a Texas-based oil & gas tech firm to a nonprofit in Uganda to work across various platforms including copywriting, web design, video editing, and marketing strategy.


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Steve has done amazing work - and that’s not just his mom’s opinion. He’s delighted so many of his past clients that he’s always happy to provide a list of references upon request. The problem is, Steve has exactly zero years of agency experience.

In order to achieve his goal of being invited for an interview, Steve needs to convince the bigwigs at FoxFuel Creative that his non-traditional background is actually a huge asset.



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In addition to building a webpage that mimics the creative briefs of FoxFuel’s online portfolio, Steve decided to create a series of content pieces to showcase his range of abilities.


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Taking a multidimensional approach, Steve adhered to the traditional job application ritual of creating a one-sheet resume while also narrating, editing, and producing a 90-second video montage - about himself.


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Steve Ettinger

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Social: @StevenEttinger

Nashville, TN