What Can Steve Do For You? 


Be forewarned, most of my best ideas involve dogs, petting zoos, or a combination of the two - although my creative range extends beyond the wonderful world of puppies.

All of my work is done with the intention of telling a great story. Whether it’s writing a video script, product description, sales email, or creating product photos, I believe the most effective, most valuable content starts with a great story.


In a way, saying “creative strategy” is a softer sounding version of “consultant,” and saying “consultant” is a softer sounding version of “person who does expensive, open-ended, undefined work.”

My goal is not just to show off that I can come up with ways to rephrase ugly sounding words, but to actually help with the creative process - from concept, to execution, to launch.


If you look past my journal from high school filled with poems about anxiety and love, I consider myself to be a competent writer. My strengths lie in more humorous, narrative writing, but I’ve done a little of everything including:

-Video scripts

-Web content

-Product description

-Sales funnel emails

-Social media captions

-I’m sure there’s more, but this is already a long list. If there’s something you need, I can probably do it. Unless you need an angsty love poem - I’ve given those up.

CONTENT - Photo & video

Out all of the videos I’ve made, my most popular seems to be the one I did about road trips. I’ll admit, I was proud of it. But the good news for you is, I’ve gotten much better. Now I have a fancy camera, better editing skills, and just the right amount of grey hair that I seem young, yet wise.

Video Strengths:

-Interview videos

-Non-profit fundraising videos

-Personal/Family projects

-Fitness/yoga videos

Photo Strengths:


-Fitness and yoga

-Real estate


-Babies and children


Want to learn more or ask me questions or tell me something very, very important? CONTACT ME